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science on stage

Don't Beleive Your Eyes

BBC Zone at the Big Bang Fair

March 2014

Audience: 75,000 (at event)


Commissioned to write two separate shows, one looking at the use of thermal imaging in BBC output, and the other focusing on the use of high-speed cameras at the BBC. Not only did Fran write and present these shows, she also trained others to deliver them. No mean feat considering the shows involved snakes, fire and teenagers!


Absolute Genius LIVE at Edinburgh Festival

The Horrible Science Stage Show


#Error 404: Bytes with a Bang

**New Show**

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Fuelled by the recent change in the curriculum, Fran has turned her skills to producing a stage show all about Computer Science. Here's what the show will offer...

Are you Computer crazy? Or Digitally Dazed? Join Fran Scott as she delves into hard drives and behind screens armed with imagination, explosions and a sprinkling of fire, to show us the incredible things computers can create. If you like your bits and bytes with a BANG, this show is for you!

Credit: BBC Learning


Credit: Paul Clarke/ Ada Lovelace Day

Space Lights & Rocket Flights


Credit: Kathryn Hampshire

BBC Stargazing LIVE Tour

Jan 2014

Audience: 17,000


Commissioned to write a live stage show echoing the themes of this year's Stargazing LIVE programmes. Fran presented this show as part of the BBC Stargazing LIVE tour and her show proved well...rather popular(!)- see left.

Hammersmith Apollo

Dec 2013

Audience: 7,000


Invited by Robin Ince and Brian Cox to perform at this sell-out science event, where Fran shared the stage with well-known names such as Ross Noble, Commander Hadfield, and of course, Brian and Robin.

After firing hydrogen rockets into an unsuspecting crowd, Fran was delighted to be invited back for the 2014 event.


Credit: BBC Radio4

Brian and Robin's Christmas Compendium of Reason


Imperial College

Nov 2013


As part of International Ada Lovelace Day, Fran was invited to perform at this live event celebrating women in science.

Fran thought -in her wisdom- the best way to describe her job was to set a bowl of fuel on fire with her bare finger, obviously (see left).

Ada Lovelace Day LIVE

Edinburgh Festival, BBC Tent

Aug 2013

Audience: 2,400


Wrote and performed a 30min long show based on the Absolute Genius CBBC show as part of the BBC's offering at this popular festival.  


Credit: CBBC

Absolute Genius LIVE @ Edinburgh Festival


CBBC Live in Leeds

July 2013

Audience: 40,000


Here, Fran not only wrote and presented a short 'Absolute Genius' live show, but also managed the 'Absolute Genius' zone. This involved working with external partners to organise hands-on science and engineering workshops, recruiting and managing a team of science communicators and overseeing H&S.

Absolute Genius LIVE  

Zap! Buzz! BOOM!  


The Big Bang Fair, Wales

July 2013

Audience: 600


Commissioned to write a 45minute long stage show, with electricity as its core theme. Putting her pyrotechnic training to good use, Fran wrote and delivered "Zap! Buzz! BOOM!"; a stage show looking at the link between electricity and explosions. And, yes- there is a link between the two!

Tourist Guide to the Solar System


Cheltenham Science Festival/ Stargazing Live

June 2012/ Jan 2013

Audience: 900


Asked by the author of Tourist Guide to the Solar System (Dr. Lewis Dartnell) to co-write a stage show intrepretation of his book. Fran had a lot of fun co-presenting this show, which took the audience on a whistle stop tour of the various (rather explosive!) holiday activites offered by our neighbouring planets.  

Credit: BBC Science

Science Misadventures  


March 2012- Present

Audience: Thousands... and still going.


Science Misadventures is a very personal look into the simplicity of Science and how, at its core, it's just about testing what happens; there is no wrong, or right.


Through a narrative of orange goo, fire and exploding cannons, Fran shows the audience that every single one of them is capable of being a Scientist.


Credit: BSF

Science Experiments with Robert Winston  


Imagine Children's Festival (Southbank)

Jan 2012

Audience: 900


Fran had a lot of fun writing and then co-presented with Prof. Winston a demo-filled stage-show version of Robert's latest children's book "Science Experiments".


Richard Hammond's Blast Lab LIVE  

blast lab

The Science Museum


Audience: 300


Wrote and then co-presented with Richard Hammond a "Rocket-powered" stage show to "launch" the Blast Lab book.

Horrible Science: The Best Bits Show


2006- 2011

Audience: Thousands


After seeing Fran perform at the Science Museum, she was invited by the author of Horrible Science (Nick Arnold) to present the "Horrible Science: The Best Bits Show" on a nationwide schools tour.


Credit: Tony De Saulle

"You had high praise indeed [...  ].The organiser of the Big Bang Fair, Paul Jackson said it was one of the best BBC offers he’d seen at the Big Bang Fair and that the Education Minister Elizabeth Truss had also been v impressed." 

                  BBC Producer






"Fran communicates huge enthusiasm which her large audiences love and she always has great rapport with them. Her demonstrations are highly educational, quick-fire and funny and children jump at a chance to get involved.  But behind her engaging and warm performances, part of her secret is that she prepares meticulously, ensures complete safety and makes certain that the science she is bringing is not merely exciting, but accurate."

          Prof. Robert Winston






"I thought that your act was amazing and I was really impressed with how closely the themes tied to the Stargazing Live programme. The audience loved you and you always pulled the biggest crowd."

             BBC Stage Producer  






"My daughter has just turned to me and said "Mummy, I think I want to be a scientist now!""  

    Parent (who ran back in after a show)






"I can’t thank you enough for being so brilliant today Fran. It was a fantastic talk."







"Fran Scott proved to be an inspired discovery. A scientist by background, Scott has applied her knowledge to creating demonstrations that make science accessible and fun for everyone.


Her input into the series was invaluable in two ways. First, she helped to design almost all of the experiments we featured – her scientific knowledge meant she could come up with funny and engaging ways of explaining anything, from the theory of buoyancy to how poo can be turned into energy.As well as her knowledge, her character was key to the series"

            Exec. Producer, CBBC






"I would like to tell you that you are the best I have ever seen, so good luck with that!"







"We were trying to evaluate another event that was on the same day as yours, but all the visitors just wanted to talk about was how brilliant your show was!"

               Museum PR Manager





"...But the runaway success of the night had to be Fran Scott."

                 Event Reviewer






"I just wanted to say what a fantastic show you put on. My son age 7 and daughter age 6 enjoyed it so much and haven't stopped talking about it since we saw it on Saturday morning."







"You are super-dooper organised! Can you work with us on everything we do?!?"

           Event Organiser, CBBC






"Thanks to Fran Scott for an absolutely brilliant delivery which had the students on the edge of their seats the entire time. Hopefully we will be able to have Fran in again."







"Your show was amazing and the audience loved it, you are seriously good Fran."

                    BBC Producer






"I just wanted to re-iterate our thanks for all your hard work over the last few days to put together and deliver a really fun, informative show that from all accounts the audience really enjoyed."

                    BBC Producer






"I just wanted to say thank you again, it was a pleasure working with you and it was a great

event. You totally made the show so thank you!


Everyone here is really pleased and thought you were fab!"

                   DK PR Manager






"We've already seen your show today. But my kids chose to watch yours again rather than see a different one!"





Fran started her science presenting career on-stage, writing and presenting shows and tours for the Science Museum, London.


Over the last decade she has performed 100s of science shows and has built up a reputation for writing and delivering accurate, high-octane and novel science on-stage.


Fran not only tours schools and festivals nationwide, but is also often commissioned to write bespoke stage shows for the BBC and publishing houses. Some of her stage shows are shown below to give you a flavour of what she's capable of..


Credit: Paul Clarke/ Ada Live

Bang Goes the Theory LIVE  

UK Tour

2011- 12

Audience: Thousands


Worked as a team of two to devise the high-octane demonstrations for this BBC Learning large theatre tour. Fran also managed all props, including pyros and explosives (she's trained in stage pyrotechnics).


Fran co-presented the show (alongside SM-ing)on the Sheffield leg. And yes- that is multi-tasking on a mega scale!




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