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Fran Scott is the only female science presenter on Children’s BBC. A scientist by training and an engineer at heart, Fran uses her knowledge of these subjects to explain their principles in entertaining, exciting and accurate ways often using high-impact demonstrations to prove her scientific point.


After working behind-the-scenes for many years on hit programmes such as Richard Hammond's Blast Lab, Bang Goes the Theory and Horizon, Fran made the move to in-front of camera. She has since presented six series for Children's BBC, five series for BBC Learning Zone and one for BBC Worldwide. For Fran, science and entertainment is at the heart of what she does and this seems to have struck a chord with those wanting informative and yet engaging factual programme, with her shows becoming successes across the globe and receiving numerous recognitions including a RTS award and three BAFTA nominations. She is best known for her playful (and often fiery) demonstrations on the CBBC show Absolute Genius with Dick and Dom.


Aside from television, Fran also bring science and engineering to the stage. She has written and performed hundreds of science stage shows, and knows only too well the demonstrations, narrative and humour needed to make a show not only enjoyable, but also educational. She is often commissioned to write bespoke shows and over the years has presented on-stage with many well-known names including Richard Hammond, Prof. Robert Winston, Prof. Brian Cox, and, of course Dick and Dom! She has built up a solid reputation for being the go-to girl when funny, entertaining and yet informative science is needed on stage, with her company Great Scott! Productions recently taking commissions from Google for Education, CBBC and Mishkat Science Centre (Saudi Arabia).


Outside of work, Fran makes sure she gets... well... outside! She absolutely loves the outdoors often going wild-camping and cycling or hiking at the weekends. In the past few years some of her escapades have included; solo cycle-touring around South East Asia, swimming with sharks, sky-diving, hiking through Malaysian rainforest, cold-water surfing, cycling London-Paris, wild-camping in the Arctic Circle and horse-racing in the Saudi desert.    


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